Catastrophic Injury and Emergency Medical Action Plan

Catastrophic injuries and emergency situations may occur at any time during an athletic event.  Athletic events are defined as practices, competitions, and fundraisers.  Medical and emergency situations not only occur with student/athletes but also with coaches, department support staff, student support staff, and spectators.  Because of the possibility of an emergency, the BPCC Athletic Department has an obligation to have a Catastrophic Injury and Emergency Medical Action Plan in place.  In addition, the Athletic Department must be prepared to properly and expeditiously implement the plan when necessary in order to insure the best possible care will be provided in a timely manner to those affected by the injury or emergency.

The policy of the BPCC Athletic Department with regards to a catastrophic injury or medical emergency shall be as follows:

  1. With regards to a home practice/game or an away game, the BPCC head coach or assistant coach will accompany the injured person to the medical facility.
  2. Once at the medical facility, the coach will contact the Athletic Director, Assistant Athletic Director and/or the Vice Chancellor for Student Services.
  3. Once the student/athlete or athletic personnel has been stabilized at the medical facility, the head coach, the Athletic Director, Assistant AD or VCSA will make every effort to notify the injured student/athlete’s/athletic personnel’s family of the emergency situation.
  4. After receiving consent from the student/athlete’s/athletic personnel’s family, the Athletic Director, Assistant AD or the VCSA may release an official statement to the media. 
  5. The coaching staff will be responsible for assembling the team as soon as possible for a briefing on the emergency situation.
  6. The team will be addressed by the head coach and/or Athletic Director regarding the student/athlete/athletic personnel and the emergency situation and will be advised not to speak to any members of the media.
  7. The Athletic Director, Assistant AD or VCSS will be responsible for contacting the designated counselor for the purpose of arranging counseling, if applicable, for all team members and Athletic Department personnel.
  8. The coaching staff will be responsible for collecting all equipment and materials involved in the emergency situation and for securing the equipment and materials in a locked area.  Also, documentation concerning the events and everyone involved will be completed by the head coach, Athletic Director, Assistant AD, or VCSA.