Add External Link

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External Link

Links to outside Web sites may be added to Content Areas as External Links. When entering a URL, always enter the full Web address to the link. For example, enter, not or

1 External Link Information

Name: Enter the name of the external link. It is recommended that you do not use abbreviations. (Example: BPCC should be written out to Bossier Parish Community College) This will be visible to the student as the link.

URL: Enter the full Web site address for the link to access. When adding a URL, do so as, not or

Link name and URL

Recommendation: Go to the web site, copy the address from the address window and paste it in the URL window.

Text: Enter a description of the web site you are linking to.

Text box for URL description

2 Content

Files, such as Word documents and PowerPoint can also be attached to this External Link.

Recommendation: Although this option is available here, it is not normally an acceptable practice to place an attached file with an external link. Acceptable practices could include a form that must be completed using the external web site.

Attach local file: Select Browse to locate the file to be uploaded to Blackboard.

Name of Link to File: Enter the name of the link that users click to access the attached file. (Example of name: Click here to open <file name>)

Special Action: This is used with compressed files such as a .zip file.

3 Options

Make the content available: Select Yes to make this External Link available to students.

Open in new window: Select the check box to open the URL in a new window when it is accessed by a student.

Recommendation: Select Yes for this option. This will leave the Blackboard window alone and add a new widow for the student to browse through.

Track number of views: Select Yes if you want to track students that have visited this External Link. To view these Statistics, next to the External Link, click on Manage and then Statistics Tracking.

Choose date and time restrictions: The date the External Link will be available can be selected here.

Recommendation: Because you are linking to an outside web site, general practices would be to not restrict access to this link.