Assessment box Course Statistics Early Warning System

Instructors use Assessments to test Student knowledge, measure Student progress, and gather information from Students.

Test Manager: Tests are created to check the knowledge and skill level of users enrolled in the course. Tests permit the Instructor to assign point values to each question on exams or quizzes. When a Student completes a Test it is submitted for grading. The results are recorded in the Gradebook.

Survey Manager: Surveys are useful for polling purposes, evaluations, and random checks of knowledge. They function in the same way as Tests and offer most of the same options. Questions on Surveys are not assigned a point value. Surveys are not graded.

Pool Manager: The Pool Manager allows Instructors to store questions for repeated use. Instructors can create new questions to include in Pools and add questions that have been created in other Tests or Pools. Pools from other courses can be imported through the Pool Manager.

Course Statistics: Course Settings, such as availability, access and enrollment are also managed on the Course Options area of the Control Panel.

Gradebook: Instructors record and manage all Student grades in the Gradebook.

Gradebook Views: Gradebook Views allows the Instructor to view the Gradebook by item or by user. This is especially useful for locating and modifying information in courses with a great number of users and a great number of Gradebook items.

Performance Dashboard: The Performance Dashboard tool provides a window into all types of user activity in a course or organization. All users enrolled in the course are listed, with pertinent information about that user’s progress and activity in the course.

Early Warning System: The Early Warning System is a tool used to communicate warnings to Students or Observers that a performance problem is beginning to appear or has become more serious.