Add Assignments: View/Complete


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The Add Assignment feature allows you to create coursework and manage the grades and feedback for each Student separately. Like Tests, Assignments are integrated with the Gradebook. Assignments allow you to list the possible points and attach files, such as a sample paper and format to guide students.

After an Assignment is added to a Content Area, students access the Assignment, complete it in a separate file, and send it back to the Instructor. In the Gradebook you the instructor can view student submissions, send comments individually to students about their assignments, and attach files, if necessary.

Step 1: In the Control Panel, click on the applicable Content Area, or add a new content area.

Within the content area, if you want to place your Assignment in a folder, click on the name of an existing folder or first create a new folder to house this content.

Step 2: Select Assignment from the drop-down menu on the action bar and click Go.

Select Learning Unit

Step 3: Enter a name for the Assignment in the Name field and optionally choose a different color for the name.

Step 4: Enter a value for Points Possible (this value is carried over to the Gradebook).

Step 5: Optionally check the box for the Due Date and select a date for the assignment from the drop-down list or click the Calendar icon and choose a date. This date can be used with the Early Warning System to generate an alert if this assignment is not submitted by the due date.

Step 6: Enter specific Instructions to guide students in completing the Assignment.

TIP: To guide students in the upload process, consider adding these instructions:

To upload your paper for this assignment.

  1. Click the link below.
  2. Enter text in the Comments field - this is a required field.
  3. Next to Attach local file, click Browse.
  4. After attaching your file, you will only be able to submit ONE time.
  5. When you are sure you are ready to send the assignment to the instructor, click the Submit button (NOTE: The Save button does not send the assignment to the instructor.)

Step 7: For Assignment Files, optionally attach a relevant file - such as a sample paper - to further guide students in completing the Assignment.

Step 8: For Options:

Make the assignment available - leave this at Yes and choose a date restriction.

Choose date restrictions - to release the assignment within a specified time period, check Display After and choose the beginning date; then check Display Until and choose the due date for the assignment. Make sure Make the assignment available is set to Yes.

Availability of items in a Content Area can be established on an item-by-item basis, but the actual display of items to users is contingent upon the availability of any parent folder on up to the root of the content area. If any parent folder is unavailable, the items within it are unavailable. For example, if a folder is set to Unavailable, but items within the folder are set to Available, users would be unable to view the items within the folder.

This is also true for items with Adaptive Release rules. If a folder has a rule that makes it unavailable to a Student, all content within that folder is also unavailable to the user.

Step 9: Click the Submit button to finish.

Here is an example of what the student sees when viewing an assignment created via the Assignment content type:

Assignment example

And here is an example of what it would look like to the student after submitting this assignment:

Example Assignment

In this example, the assignment is pending a grade.

To download student assignments, go to your Gradebook, select the name of the assignment, and choose Item Download.

To grade student assignments, select the name of the assignment in your Gradebook and choose Item Grade List.