Course Banner

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Instructors can add a banner to the top of the Announcements area on the Course from the Course Banner page.

Enter Course Banner. If you have a banner in your course, it will be displayed in the “Current banner image” window. New course will be empty. To import your banner, click on Browse. . . Choose your banner file from your computer. Once you have done that, click on Submit.

1 Select Banner

Banner Graphic Format: Banner must be .jpg or .gif. Other graphic types will post to the course but will be lost when a course is copied or archived and restored.

BPCC Policy: All online courses must display a course banner that includes the course ID. If you do not have one and cannot build a banner, contact the Department of Educational Technology to have a banner built.


Current Banner: Displays the banner that currently appears at the top of the Announcements area.

New Banner: Enter the path to the new banner file or click Browse to upload a new course banner.

Remove this banner: Select this check box to remove the banner image from the Course.