Course Duration

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Instructors set the length of the course from the Course Duration page. BPCC’s Department of Educational Technology strongly recommends that the course durations remain set to Continuous.

1 Set Course Duration - Continuous

However this option is available to you. The following will help you to set a course duration.

1 Set Course Duration - Select DatesFollow the steps below to open the Course Duration page.

  1. Click Select Dates.
  2. Check the Start Date option and set the date.
  3. Check the End Date option and set the end date. It is recommended that you leave the course open a few days after the course has ended so that the students can review their grades.


Option Descriptions:

Continuous: Select this option to make the course always available.

Select Dates: Select this option to set the course availability for specific dates. The course may also begin on a specific date and not have a specific end date. After the end date, the course is no longer available for Students but is otherwise unchanged.

Days (from the date of enrollment): Select this option to place a time limit on a self-paced course. The course will be available for that number of days from the time a Student enrolls. BPCC currently does not offer this type of course.