Course Menu Design

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Instructors manage the appearance of the Course Menu (navigation) from the Course Design page. They can choose to use buttons or text links and select colors and design features.

Text Menu

Choosing to stay with the default Text option, you will have the two options to choose for the background color and text menu color.

Select Style Properties Options:

Select background color for navigation: Click Pick and select a background color for the Course Menu.

Select a highlight color for the navigation: Click Pick and select a color for the text in the Course Menu.

1Select Menu Style - Text

Button Menu

Choosing Buttons will give you several options in including Button Type, Button Shape, and Button Style. A separate gallery of buttons are available for each of the Button Types. To view the available galleries, choose the Button Type and then click on the Button Style graphic or on the link [Gallery of Buttons].

Button Type: Choose the Button Type from the drop-down list.

Button Shape: Click an option to choose the button shape.

Button Style: Use the drop-down list to select the color of the buttons.