Course Name and Description

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Instructors change the name, description, and subject type of a course.

FYI: Under you course list in Blackboard, the alphabetical order is determined by the naming of the course (not the course ID). Changing the name of your course will change the order in which it appears on your course list.

Hint: If you would like an older course to appear lower in your course list, rename it with the letter Z in front of the title.

By default the course name will be the same as the course ID.

(Example: if the course ID is CIS10501F08, the course name will be CIS10501F08.)

Replace the current Course name with the desired Course Name and select Submit.

1 Course Name and Descrition; 2 Classification


Course Name: Enter the name of the course. This name will appear as the course name throughout the Blackboard Academic Suite. * This field is required.

Description (optional): Enter a description of the course.

Discipline: The subject area can be further defined by discipline.

See Also: Naming Conventions under Best Practices.