Course Statistics

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Instructors can use the Course Statistics area to generate reports on the course usage and activity. Instructors can view specific Student’s usage to determine if Students are actively using the Course. The report appears in the form of graphical charts.

Please note that, when viewing reports that include hit or access statistics, a hit is tracked every time a request is sent to the Blackboard Learning System. For example, when tracking use of the Communication Area: a Student accesses the Communication area (1 hit), clicks Discussion Boards (2 hits), clicks a forum (3 hits), and clicks a message to read (4 hits).

NOTE: Because of inconsistencies in Blackboard and confusion in reading the Course Statistics, we HIGHLY recommend that you do NOT use this area to take disciplinary actions toward a student for non-participation. Use this area to get an idea of what students are doing, and when.

Tracking Student Participation: The recommended method to track student participation is to use weekly quizzes and/or assignments.

Report Type:

  • Overall Summary of Usage (recommended)
  • Accesses by Course area
  • Accesses by Groups
  • Accesses by Forum

Time Period:

Always click Start Date and select a date to begin the report on. Select End Date and choose a date to end the report. If End Date is not selected the report will begin on the Start Date and end on the current date.


Select All Users to view a report containing information from all users who have accessed the Course. Select Selected Users to view a report for specific users. If this option is selected, choose users in the box below to include in the report. To choose more than one user, hold down Shift or Control.