Enrolling and Removing Students

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The following information addresses policy and procedures. Please take time to read entire document.

Enrolling Students in Courses:

The division of Educational Technology enrolls all students within Blackboard. Students are enrolled the day prior to the first day of class (According to the Academic calendar). This process is repeated for the first two weeks of the semester. If a student has been added to the class after this period, the instructor must enroll the student or contact the division of Educational Technology and request that this student be enrolled.

Removing Students from Blackboard:

It is BPCC’s policy that no student be removed from Blackboard during the current semester. However, at the end of the semester ALL students will be removed from Blackboard two business days after the Final Grade is due.

Students that have dropped the course:

The instructor of the course is responsible for disabling students from Blackboard that have dropped, withdrawn, or that have been suspended.

  1. Go to the Control Panel in your course.
  2. Select “List / Modify Users” in the User Management Area.

    User Management Control Panel
  3. Leaving the search field blank, click on the search button (this will list all students within your course.)

    Search Dialog Box
  4. Click on the “Properties” button to the far right of the student’s name that you wish to disable access to the course.

    Properties Button Selected
  5. Go to section 4 of this page, “Role and Availability.”
  6. Where you see the words “Available (this course only),” change the selection from “Yes” to “No” and this will block the student’s access to this course only.

    4 Role and Availability Menu
  7. Click the "SUBMIT" button in the lower right area of the web page.