Text Box Editor

Text box editor tool bar

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The Text Box Editor appears in the Content Areas, Announcements, Calendar, Tasks, Assessments, and Discussion Board. It presents controls for entering and formatting text, equations, and multimedia files. This topic will address those functions. In Blackboard, the name of each command is revealed as you hover your mouse over the button to make it easy to learn what each button does.

ROW #1

The uppermost toolbar contains commands found in virtually all word processors, including font size, font face, bold, italic, underscore etc:

First row of text box editor tool bar

ROW #2

The second toolbar contains commands also commonly found in word processors, but that are used to manipulate text already entered, such as copying and pasting text, undoing commands, highlighting text etc:

Second row of text box editor tool bar

ROW #3

The third toolbar contains multimedia commands, such as inserting files, images, animation/videos and sound. These commands, while found in more complex word processors such as Microsoft Word, are not as commonly used, even when present:

Third row of text box editor tool bar

To view a detailed list of the Text Box Editor’s individual function, please download and view Text Box Editor Guide.PDF FileWill open new browser window or tab

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