Warning - Security (hidden_rebeq_applet)

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If you receive one of the following 2 browser warnings “Warning – Security” pop-ups, please :

  1. Check “Always trust content from this publisher”
  2. Select Run

This is generated from the Blackboard system and is necessary for Blackboard to run all needed applications.

Java Warning 1 Java Warning 2

Additional Information from Blackboard

Browsers check the validity of such certificates and will report this expiration when you examine the certificate in detail. If you accept the expired certificate, you can continue working normally. It is generally recommended to choose to "always" trust the certificate for WebEQ, so that you would not get the popup again every time (this is particularly important when using lockdown browsers for quiz-taking that block popup messages), but with the expired certificate this setting is ineffective, the browser will keep warning about the invalid certificate.

The problem was an outdated WebEQApplet.jar file. Blackboard now provides a version of the .jar file signed by Blackboard rather than by Design Science, so that the dependence on this third party updating its certificate is removed. This file has been installed on the Blackboard servers. This does not completely remove all security warnings about the signed applet - the end user will still need to initially trust the applet. That is the whole point of a signed applet - the certificate certifies that the program was created by the entity that claims authorship, but the end user still needs to decide whether to trust that entity.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at blackboard@bpcc.edu.