Acceptable Use Policy

Bossier Parish Community College Learning Commons provides connectivity to LOUIS (Louisiana Online University Information System) and the Internet.

The basic purpose is to provide research instruction to students and to allow access to information resources available on the Internet and the commercially prepared databases of LOUIS.

Lawful Use
All use of the Learning Commons is subject to federal, state, and local law, and BPCC regulations.

Users must observe intellectual property rights, in particular, the software copyright law.

All use of Learning Commons computers and networks must be consistent with all contractual obligations of the College, including limitations defined in software and other licensing agreements.

Unauthorized Data Access
Users must not make or attempt any deliberate, unauthorized access to or changes in data on a Learning Commons computer. It is not acceptable to access sexually explicit materials.

Security Compromise
Users must not defeat or attempt to defeat security systems, such as "cracking" security systems, passwords, room locks, or alarm systems

Denial of Services
Users must not deny or interfere with or attempt to deny or interfere with service to other users, e.g., by means of "resources hogging," distribution of viruses, etc.

External Data Networks
Users must observe all applicable policies of external data networks when using such networks.

Threats and Harassment
Learning Commons facilities must not be used to threaten or harass any person. A user must cease interfering in any way with another user's normal use of TRC facilities if the aggrieved user makes a reasonable request for such cessation, in the opinion of the lab coordinator or librarian.

Modification of Data or Equipment
Without specific authorization, users of computing or network facilities must not cause, permit, or attempt any destruction or modification of data or computing equipment, including but not limited to alteration of data, reconfiguration of control switches or parameters, or changes in firmware. The rule seeks to protect "data and computing equipment" owned by TRC Bossier Parish Community College or any other person or entity. Specific authorization refers to permission of the Head of the Computing Services Department.

Removal of Equipment or Documents
Without specific authorization by the Chief Information Officer, users must not remove any equipment, software or documents from the Commons.

Foreign Devices
Without specific authorization, users must not physically or electrically attach any foreign devices (such as an external disk, printer, or video system) to the Learning Commons equipment.

Reports of Violations
Users must report any evidence of violation of these rules to appropriate Learning Commons personnel. Users must not conceal or help to conceal or "cover up" violations by any party.

Enforcement Procedures
The Learning Commons is authorized to apply certain penalties to enforce its policies and regulations. Such penalties may include temporary or permanent elimination of access privileges.

Due Process
A person accused of a violation will be notified of the charge and have an opportunity to respond before a final determination of a Learning Commons penalty. The Dean of Learning Resources must approve any penalty after considering all available evidence, extenuating factors and any explanations offered by the accused. If a penalty is made, the accused violator may appeal to the Vice Chancellor for Student Services. If the violation warrants action beyond a penalty, the case may be referred to other authorities, such as a police authority.

Computer Use Policy

  • These computers are the property of Bossier Parish Community College and usage is restricted according to the LCTCS Board and BPCC policies.
  • Per state law, BPCC computers may NOT be used to access any form of pornography.
  • Failure to abide by this policy may result in suspension and/or expulsion from the college.
  • There is no expectation of privacy. All computer activity is monitored.
  • Printing is limited to 300 pages of research and classroom related material per student per month.

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