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 Question #1

Value: 10
To locate research information on an author such as Ernest Hemingway, which database would you choose?


 Question #2

Value: 10
What services are available from the Library's website (http://www.bpcc.edu/library/)?


 Question #3

Value: 10
Which of the following resources would you use to locate Books, Videos, DVDs, Audio CDs in the Library?


 Question #4

Value: 10
The Technology Resource Center (TRC) is the Library's computer lab that is located on the second floor with software programs to complete course assignments.


 Question #5

Value: 10
To check out books and other Library materials at the circulation desk, use the TRC computers, or reserve a study room, a student needs to show proof of identification with one of the following:


 Question #6

Value: 10
Students may access the Library's databases from home through the Library's website (http://www.bpcc.edu/library/). Students must enter a user name and password. What is your user name and password?


 Question #7

Value: 10
After receiving a printout of a Library fine, where do student pay their bill?


 Question #8

Value: 10
When using BPCC computers, student should have which of the following?


 Question #9

Value: 10
Librarians are available to help students in:


 Question #10

Value: 10
Students visit the Library to find resources and to use the TRC lab. Students visit the Learning Center for tutoring and assistance with assignments.













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