Study Areas/Quiet Zones

Quiet Study Areas are designed to give students a place to concentrate without noisy distractions. Loud talking is prohibited in these areas. Anyone making noise may be asked to leave.

Quiet Zones
The first floor study carrels by the Reference Area and the large study tables by the windows and small tables between the book stacks on the second floor are designated as Quiet Study Areas. These are marked with Quiet Zone signs.

Group Study Areas are spaces in which students may collaborate on projects or help each other study. Conversation is expected, but students are to keep noise levels to a minimum.

Study Rooms
The Library offers three Group Study Rooms on the second floor. These rooms are equipped with a large study table and a TV/DVD or TV/VCR and are available on a first come-first served basis. Study Rooms may be reserved at the Circulation Desk.

General Study Areas provide students with tables for individual study. These areas are in higher traffic areas or those areas not conducive to quiet study.

General Study Areas are located near the display cases and elevator on the first floor and near the TRC on the second floor.

Food, drink, and use of cell phones are prohibited in all public areas of the Library and TRC.

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