Discovering Library Resource using the BPCC Online Databases


What is a database?

Much like the BPCC Online Catalog, the BPCC Online Databases will allow you to search for information resources held by BPCC Library. Where the Online Catalog will allow you to search the titles, authors and topics of the books, magazines and videos in print and on the shelves in BPCC Library as well as electronic books available online, the BPCC Online Databases will allow you to search the contents of electronic journals right from your home computer or one here at BPCC. The benefits of searching for information in the Online Databases are that you will be able to find resources organized in much the same way as the Online Catalog and instantly access the majority of the contents right on your screen.

The different levels of database contents can get a little confusing so remember that the customer, in this case BPCC library, contacts a vendor which supplies a database which is made up of a list of journals which publishes articles. The database vendor then takes those articles and provide you with a record that tells you which In the database you are searching for those records which allow you to read those articles directly on your computer screen.

Got all that? Here's a flow chart!



Accessing database contents

You can access the contents of the BPCC online databases in a number of ways. You can use the drop down menu on the BPCC Library homepage to access databases by subject, title, vendor, free or see a comprehensive list of the journals available in our databases by hovering your mouse over "Databases" on the navigation panel on the left side of your screen.


Or you can click on the "Databases" link to go to another webpage where you can navigate the offerings with a few more options.


These are the various ways you can browse the contents of the BPCC electronic journal offerings. These links correspond to what is available in the dropdown menu. Clicking the appropriate link in either area will take you to the exact same place.