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Course Descriptions

Education (EDUC)

College Success Skills. (3-3-0)
Prerequisite: Required of students who place in more than one developmental education discipline (mathematics, English, or reading).
Designed to help the student acquire the skills necessary for success in college. Includes test-taking strategies, time management and organizational skills, note-taking techniques, and activities to heighten motivation and build self-esteem. May be taken for enrichment by any BPCC student. NOTE: May not be used to satisfy elective or degree requirements in any curriculum at BPCC.
Teaching and Learning in Diverse Settings I. (3-3-0)
This course will introduce pre-service teachers to major issues faced by educators, effective teaching, educational reform and legal issues of education and professionalism to include self-assessment of desirable dispositions. Theories of human development and learning significant to the classroom teacher will be explored in class sessions and field experiences. Pre-service teachers will explore community services available to students and teachers.
Teaching and Learning in Diverse Settings II. (3-3-0)
This course will introduce students to issues of diversity in the classroom to include learning styles, multiple intelligences, exceptionalities and cultural diversity. Students will explore ways to assist children of all needs, backgrounds and abilities succeed in the classroom. Assessment methods of and instruments will be introduced and students will understand basic terms and uses of assessment. Field experiences will be required.
Contemporary Issues in Education. (3-3-0)
Prerequisites: EDUC 201; PSYC 205 or PSYC 206 and PSYC 210; and consent of instructor and division chair.
Professional literature-based issues in education identified by students as applicable to their practical teaching needs will be addressed through reading, research, cooperative learning activities, discussion, various media, and other means.

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