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2011 - 2012 General Catalog



Certificate of Technical Studies in Construction Technology

Learning Outcomes:

Recipients of Certificate of Technical Studies in Construction Technology will have demonstrated:

  1. knowledge of the properties of construction materials commonly used in residential and commercial construction;
  2. knowledge and skills in the use and application of construction materials to construct residential and commercial buildings;
  3. understanding of the major components of the construction contract, bid process, laws and regulations governing the construction industry;
  4. ability to interpret construction graphics, specifications and other documents used for the construction, modification, and repair of buildings, and to communicate graphically when required;
  5. ability to prepare a complete estimate for a residential or commercial building to arrive at a profitable bid;
  6. ability to manage the project delivery process, including coordination of the diverse activities found in a construction project with planning, scheduling, and fiscal control;
  7. ability to communicate effectively with design consultants to manage changes and redirection of the project as required during the construction phase;
  8. ability to communicate effectively with project owner, colleagues and employees; and work efficiently and effectively with other construction personnel;
  9. knowledge of fundamental skills of plan surveying;
  10. knowledge of the design method for concrete mixtures and reinforcing in concrete slabs, beams and columns; and
  11. knowledge of personal safety, as well as the OSHA requirements, for safety of all supervised employees on the construction project.

Specific Program Information:

The Certificate of Technical Studies in Construction Technology is a 33-semester hour curriculum emphasizing skills and knowledge essential for employment leading to a supervisory position in the area of construction. The program includes training in the areas of materials and methods of construction, construction safety and OSHA requirements, contracting and laws, construction graphics and specifications, plan surveying, estimating, sustainable construction science, and management.

Required courses for the Certificate of Technical Studies in Construction Technology:

First Semester Hours
MATH 129: Applied Technical Mathematics 3
CIS 105: Computer Concepts 3
CONS 101: Materials and Methods I 3
CONS 140: Construction Safety and the OSHA Standards 3
CONS 150 Construction Contracting and Laws 3
CONS 160: Construction Graphics and Specifications 3
Second Semester Hours
CONS 102: Materials and Methods II 3
CONS 200: Sustainable Construction Science 3
CONS 210: Construction Surveying and Lab 3
CONS 220: Construction Estimating 3
CONS 250: Construction Management 3
Total Credit Hours 33

Students must meet prerequisites before taking any given course.

Students must meet the general competencies for the academic certificate.

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