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Technical Competency Area in Medical Transcription

The Medical Transcription Program prepares students to work in a variety of healthcare settings as medical transcriptionists.

Learning Outcomes:

Recipients of the Technical Competency Area in Medical Transcription will be able to demonstrate:

  1. ability to accurately communicate with members of the healthcare team using effective verbal and written communication while maintaining patient confidentiality and with regard to policies and procedures regulating documentation and reporting of medical information;
  2. ability to critically analyze written and verbal medical information in order to accurately transcribe medical records;
  3. application of anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, pharmacology, and pathophysiology concept to the skills of an entry level medical transcriptionist; and
  4. converting verbal dictated medical information into a typed format.

Specific Requirements:

Students pursuing the Technical Competency Area in Medical Transcription must first meet College admission requirements. Students selected for the Medical Transcription program must maintain a minimum grade of "C" or better in all program course work in order to be eligible to complete the program.

Before beginning program classes, students must test out of READ 099 as documented by ACT, placement test, or course completion and must have demonstrated basic computer competency.

Required courses for the Technical Competency Area in Medical Transcription:

Medical Transcription Program Courses
MOS 106: Medical Transcription 3
BLGY 110: Medical Terminology 3
MOS 216/216L: Advanced Medical Transcription/Lab 4
ALHT 207: Advanced Medical Language 3
Total hours: 13
Total credit hours for Technical Competency Area in Medical Transcription 13

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