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Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration

The degree program is designed to provide a well-rounded selection of courses for orientation to business/industry. The student will obtain technical and general education skills necessary for qualified entrance into management, marketing, or accounting fields.

Learning Outcomes:

Recipients of the Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration will have demonstrated:

  1. comprehension of terms and arithmetic/problems solving skills in personal, financial, and managerial accounting;
  2. application of economic theories to real world and hypothetical situations;
  3. technical and general education skills necessary to qualify for entrance into business management and marketing fields;
  4. successful communication within the business environment using verbal, written, and basic computer literacy skills; and
  5. comprehension and application of basic business legal and ethical principles.

Required courses for the Associate of Applied Science in Business Administration

Freshman Year
First Semester Hours
*BADM 105: General Business Administration 3
ACCT 205: Introduction to Financial Accounting 3
CIS     105: Computer Concepts 3
ENGL 101: Composition & Rhetoric I 3
MATH 101 or 102: College Algebra 3
Second Semester Hours
BADM 201: Principles of Macroeconomics 3
ACCT 206: Introduction to Managerial Accounting 3
ENGL 102: Composition & Rehetoric II 3
***SPCH 110:  Speech Communication 3
  Natural Science Elective 3
Sophomore Year
Third Semester Hours
BADM 202: Principles of Microeconomics 3
BADM 212: Principles of Management 3
BADM 214: Principles of Marketing 3
  Behavioral/Scoial Science Elective 3
  **Business Elective 3
Fourth Semester Hours
BADM 213:
BADM 217:
Human Resource Management

Organizational Behavior
BADM 108: Finance 3
BADM 215: Business Law 3
BADM 220: Business Communication 3
  Humanities Elective 3
Total Credit Hours 60
Students must meet prereqisites before enrolling in any given course.
Students must make a "C" or higher in all courses which satisfy graduation requirements in order to receive the Associate of Applied Science in Business Administrtion.
*Students having three or more years of relevant work experience in a business setting or 15 or more hours of business may substitute a Business elective for BADM 105.
**The following courses will satisfy the Business Elective requirement: ACCT 210, ACCT 212, ACCT 218, ACCT 231, BADM 211, BADM 216, BADM 213 or 217 (cannot be used twice) BADM 221, HCM, CIS (any 200 level or above course)
***The following course, SPCH 110, requires you to come to campus to present your speeches.

This degree can be obtained 100% via Internet instruction. Contact your academic advisor for details.

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