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Certificate of General Studies

Learning Outcomes

Recipients of the Certificate of General Studies will have demonstrated:

  1. the comprehension of information by reading college-level materials across the curriculum;
  2. the ability to communicate effectively in written English across the curriculum;
  3. the ability to comprehend and perform course-specific mathematical problems;
  4. the development of critical thinking skills across the curriculum;
  5. the ability to use library resources to research topics across the curriculum;
  6. the comprehension of basic concepts of art, music, film, theatre, literature, foreign language, history, humanities, and/or philosophy.

Required courses for the Certificate of General Studies

First Semester Hours
ENGL101 Composition & Rhetoric I 3
MATH101 Applied Algebra or MATH102 College Algebra * 3
Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3
Fine Arts Elective   3
Natural Science Elective 3
Second Semester Hours
ENGL102  Composition & Rhetoric II 3
Humanities Elective   3
Social/Behavioral Science Elective 3
Humanities Elective, Mathematics Elective, or Natural Science Elective 3
Humanities Elective, Mathematics Elective, or Natural Science Elective 3
Total Credit Hours 30
Students must meet prerequisites before taking any given course.
Approved Elective:  All electives must be approved in accordance with the policy in the BPCC catalog.
*For transfer to a four-year institution, students are strongly advised to take MATH 102 instead of MATH 101. Students must seek the assistance of their advisor to determine the appropriate mathematics and/or speech course.
Social/Behavioral Science Electives:  ANTH 201, ANTH 202, BADM201, BADM202, CJUS 101, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology
Fine Arts Electives:  ART201, ART202, ART206, MUSC120, MUSC121, COMM240, THTR101, or THTR131
Humanities Electives:  ENGL201, ENGL202, ENGL255, ENGL256, ENGL257, French, HIST101, HIST102, HIST103, HIST104, HIST201, HIST202, Humanities, Religion, SPAN101, SPAN102, SPAN201
Natural Science Electives:  Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Physical Science, Physics, SCI101, SCI102 or Zoology
Mathematics Electives: a three-hour credit mathematics course higher than MATH102 excluding MATH117, MATH129, MATH217, and MATH218

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