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Associate of Science in Engineering

The Associate of Science in Engineering provides the graduate with a knowledge of cutting edge technology, enabling graduates to design and build solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Design the fundamental elements of engineering system components and processes, with a clear understanding of associated safety, quality, schedule and cost considerations.
  2. Articulate and justify technical solutions to diverse audiences through oral, written, and graphical communication
  3. Design practical and creative engineering solutions that reflect social and environmental sensitivities.
  4. Understand the constantly evolving nature of engineering design and practice, and recognize the need to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field.

Required courses for Associate of Science in Engineering

Freshman Year
First Semester Hours
ENGR 100: Engineering Fundamentals 3
MATH 250: Calculus I 3
CHEM 101: General Chemistry I  3
  History Elective 3
ENGL 101: Composition and Rhetoric I 3
Second Semester Hours
ENGR 201: Engineering Materials 3
ENGR 220: Statics 3
MATH 251: Calculus II 3
PHYS 211: Physics for Engineering and Science I 3
ENGL 102: Composition and Rhetoric II 3
Sophomore Year
Third Semester Hours
ENGR 221: Circuits 3
MATH 252: Calculus III 3
PHYS 212: Physics for Engineering and Science II 3
  Social Science Elective 3
  English Elective: 200-level 3
Fourth Semester Hours
ENGR 222: Thermodynamics 3
MATH 253: Calculus IV 3
BLGY 105: Elements of Biology 3
ENGR 299: Engineering Internship  3
or Social Science Elective 3
  Fine Arts Appreciation Elective  
Total Credit Hours 60
ENGR 100 has a co-requisite: Student must complete Math 250:Calculus 1
Note that the second Social Science Elective is required for the LA Tech transfer agreement.
New courses included in this program constitute 30 hours of the 60 proposed hours.
Students must demonstrate competency in computer literacy by successfully completing a challenge examination or through successful completion of a college level computer science course (CIS 105). 
Students must also demonstrate competency in oral communication by successfully completing a challenge examination or through successful completion of a college level public speaking course (SPCH 110). 

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