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Advanced Manufacturing (AMFG)

100: Introduction to Manufacturing. (3-2-1)
Prerequisite: MATH 097
An overview of the functional and structural compositions of manufacturing; including processes, plant safety, and quality in the manufacturing environment. Presents the personal and interpersonal skills required to be part of a high performing team in a manufacturing environment. Topics include team building, effective communication skills and ethics in the workplace.

102: Tools and Equipment Used in Manufacturing. (3-2-1)
Prerequisite: MATH 097
Provides and introduction to math, measurements, schematics, drawings, and prints used in manufacturing. Facilitates application of these skills to safely and correctly use hand tools, power tools, hydraulic systems, and pneumatic systems.

104: Automation. (3-2-1)
Prerequisite: MATH 097
Teaches an introduction to the automation components of manufacturing. Provides hands on experience with electrical circuits, instrumentation, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), computers and how to safely use this equipment.

106: Introduction to Fabrication, Process Technology and Machining. (3-2-1)
Prerequisite: MATH 097
Presents an introductory knowledge of fabrication, process technology and machining. Offers hands on experience in each area.

110: Manufacturing Materials and Methods (3-2-3)
Prerequisite: MATH 099, AMFG 106
The course is designed for the manufacturing technologist. Topics include materials of manufacture, manufacturing processes, measurement and part inspection, and manufacturing automation.

202: Introduction to Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma (3-2-3)
Prerequisites: MATH 102, AMFG 110
The course is designed for the manufacturing technologist. Topics include lean manufacturing, manufacturing economics, lean six sigma, production control, supply chain management, quality systems.

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