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Anthropology (ANTH)

201: Physical Anthropology. (3-3-0)
Physical anthropology includes the concepts of human diversity in the areas of physical adaptation, emergence of Homo sapiens, origins of language and culture, impact of food production and sedentary culture on the human physical landscape, man on the land, medical evolution of disease in culture, and the human reflection in the archaeological record.

202: Cultural Anthropology. (3-3-0)
Cultural anthropology is the study of living peoples, their beliefs, practices, values, ideas, technologies, economies and more. Through a variety of theoretical approaches and research methods, anthropologists today study the cultures of people in any part of the world-- including those of industrial and "post-industrial" societies.

205: Introduction to Archaeology. (3-3-0)
This course provides an introduction to the methods and theories in archaeological research and data collection with emphasis on how these archaeological practices are used to reconstruct ancient cultures, as well as, a basic overview of artifact identification and classification. The student will learn basic artifact identification, standard field methods, and a survey of archaeological history and theories.

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