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Art (ART)

101: 2-D Design. (3-3-0)
Development of design as a basic problem-solving, creative activity. Two dimensional project work, individual criticism, class discussions, and outside research.

102: Design II. (3-3-0)
Prerequisite: ART 101.
Continuation of studies in fundamentals of design, emphasizing advanced problems including color theory, product design, and basics of graphic design.

103: Drawing I. (3-3-0)
An introduction to fundamentals of basic drawing. Emphasis on skills, composition, and varied materials.

104: Drawing II. (3-3-0)
Prerequisite: ART 103
Continuation of fundamental drawing with advanced problems and varied materials.

201: Art History I. (3-3-0)
A survey course of the development of the visual arts and civilization from Prehistoric through medieval art.

202: Art History II. (3-3-0)
A continuation of Art History I. A survey course of the development of the visual arts and civilization from the Renaissance to contemporary art.

203: Painting I. (3-3-0)
Introduction to painting principles, composition, and color. Explores the two- dimensional surface with basic problems, lectures, critiques, and visual presentations.

204: Painting II. (3-3-0)
Prerequisite: ART 203
Continuation of Painting I with an emphasis on independent investigation of the two- dimensional surface and materials. Emphasis on problem solving with critiques and lectures.

206: Introduction to Visual Arts. (3-3-0)
An introduction to the principles of art, various art media, processes, and art history in order to provide a basis for the judgment and understanding of art.

231: Art for Elementary Teachers. (3-3-0)
Incorporates knowledge, appreciation, and concepts of art as a learning tool with related hands-on projects. Emphasis on creativity in the classroom with lectures, workshops, and presentations.

246: Ceramics I. (3-3-0)
An introductory course in pottery making. Study and application of total studio process from production to glazing and firing ceramic ware.

247: Ceramics II. (3-3-0)
Prerequisite: ART 246.
Continuation of Ceramics I with emphasis on larger scale hand-building, design, production, glazing, and firing ceramic wares.

250: 3-D Design. (3-3-0)
An exploration of varied three-dimensional forms, including addition, subtraction, manipulation, and substitution methods. Includes class activities with individual and group critiques.

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