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Legal Assistant (LSEC)

101: Legal Office Concepts I. (3-3-0)
The first course in legal office concepts introduces students to the legal office environment and the task and duties performed by a legal assistant. Emphasis is placed on legal terminology, office procedures, and formatting legal documents.

150: Legal Ethics and Professionalism. (3-3-0)
Introductory course in the ethics, professionalism, and confidentiality requirements of the legal assistant position. Emphasis is placed on attorney/client and secretary/client relationships.

201: Legal Concepts II. (3-3-0)
The second course in legal concepts introduces students to legal action types, legal descriptions and classifications, real estate, successions, and debt collections.

250: Litigation Documentation. (3-3-0)
Emphasis in this course is placed on the preparation of correspondence and legal documents in the areas of civil litigation actions, torts, trial proceedings, appeals, discovery documents, pleadings, and post-trial documents and correspondence.

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