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Division of Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Contact Information

Computer Information Systems and Cyber Technology
Building G, Room 142

Mathematics and Engineering
Building E, Room 129

Technical Education
Building L, Room 211

Mission of the Division of Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

The mission of the Division of Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is to provide quality educational opportunities in four discipline areas. In the area of technology, students will learn innovative techniques and upcoming trends in computer systems, programming, networking, and security. The discipline of engineering will provide students with a foundation to design and build solutions for the problems of tomorrow. In the concentration for mathematics, students will increase their quantitative understanding of concepts relevant to their area of study. Energy, construction, and industrial technologies relate theoretical concepts to the actual production of goods and services using technologically advanced equipment and processes. All discipline areas strive to align curriculum with national certifications and prepare students for joining tomorrow's workforce.

Associate Degree, Certificate, and Technical Competency Area Information

The Division of Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics offers the following associate degree, certificate of technical studies, and technical competency area programs:

Associate of Applied Science:

Associate of Science:

Certificate of Technical Studies:

Technical Competency Area:

Accredited Programs

The Bossier Parish Community College Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems, Associate of Applied Science in Cyber Technology with a concentration in Programmer Analyst, Associate of Applied Science in Cyber Technology with a concentration in Network Security, Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Technology with a concentration in Automation and Controls, Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Technology with a concentration in Engineering Graphics, Associate of Applied Science in Construction Technology and Management, and Associate of Applied Science in Oil and Gas Production Technology programs have applied for accreditation by the Associate of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE), located at 275 N. York Street, Suite 401, Elhurst, IL 60126 ( open new browser window or tabATMAE's vision is to set standards for academic program accreditation, personal certification, and professional development for educators and industry professionals involved in integrating technology, leadership and design. Students applying for graduation in one of these programs will be required to complete twelve hours in technical course work at Bossier Parish Community College.

Administration and Staff

Sandra Partain

Megan Martin
Assistant Dean

Beonica Frazier
Grant Director, TAACCCT4

Casey Harvill
Grant Assistant Director, TAACCCT3

Stephanie Jackson
Teach Professional Job Development Coach, TAACCCT4

Von Jennings
Assistant Grant Director, TAACCCT3

Robert Marrs
Grant Accountant, TAACCCT4

Niesha McCoy
Workforce Board Recruiter, TAACCCT3

Veloria Nanze
Grant Account, TAACCCT/AMMQC

Nicholas Olsen
Student Career Coach TAACCCT4

Amy Russell
Administrative Coordinator III

Jeanne Price Smith
Administrative Coordinator III

Paul Spivey
Project Director, CRSA/LED

Margaret Toland
Administrative Coordinator I

Deana Watkins
Grant Director, TAACCCT3



Donna Densmore
Chris Rondeau, Program Director, Network Security
Dr. Paul Weaver

Associate Professors:

Stacey Black
Edward Chopin
Deanna Hardy
Pamela Milstead, Program Director, Computer Information Systems
Annette Shows
Frank Viviano

Assistant Professors:

Michelle Villemarette Barnickel
Dr. Miles Hitchcock
Thomas Hopkins


Rocky Duplichan, Program Director, Oil and Gas Production Technology
Jennifer Igo
Mark Jusselin, Program Director, Construction Technology and Management
Lamont Lackman, Program Director, Industrial Technology
Jennifer McCoy
Rhonda Neil
Don Rider
Skylar Robey
Carrie Salinas
Dr. June Schneider, Program Director, Engineering
Al Shaw, Program Director, Programmer Analyst
Lindsay Small
Beth Voss
Angela Ward

Interim Instructor:

Paul Green, Program Director

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