Policies and Procedures

Tips for Working with Instructors/Professors

  1. The student should introduce himself or herself to each instructor as soon as possible. The student may consider making an appointment with the instructor in order to address any special needs that may arise.
  2. Students are encouraged to be confident, pleasant, and respectful towards their instructors. All students are encouraged to practice an assertive, reasonable approach while communicating your needs to instructors.
  3. It is not necessary for a student to disclose his/her disability to the instructor. However, if the student decides to disclose, he/she should state the disability in simple terms.
  4. The student should explain how the disability limits his/her functioning in plain, simple terms. For example, “I cannot see material on the board or read regular print” or “I cannot take notes because I have to watch the interpreter to understand what you are saying.”
  5. Should difficulties arise in a particular class, students are encouraged to express concerns to the instructor and to prepare suggestions for alternative solutions.

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