Tech Tip: Allowing Multiple Attempts on Quizzes

Some instructors may ask why would you give multiple attempts on quizzes? If you would like to use quizzes as formative assessments, then allowing multiple attempts is the answer. Formative assessments are used for learners to quiz themselves as they are learning new information.

Canvas will allow you to choose the highest score, latest score, or average score of all attempts.

This is not the same as allowing an extra attempt for an individual student. This function is found under Moderating a Quiz.

Allowing Multiple Attempts

Allow Multiple Attempts

  • Recent Quiz Score [1]—You can choose whether to keep the highest score, latest score, or average score of all attempts. By default, Canvas will keep the highest score unless this setting is changed.
  • Allowed Attempts [2]—You can allow multiple attempts and limit the number of attempts. The default dashes represent unlimited attempts.

Allowing multiple attempts has an effect on the next section, which is the allowances for students to review their quiz results.

If you allow more than one attempt for the quiz, please be aware that not all students may complete all attempts and therefore may never see their quiz responses. For instance, if a student has three attempts but achieves their desired score in the second attempt, the student will most likely not complete the third (and last) attempt. That means their quiz responses and correct answers will not appear because the last attempt was not completed. To allow these students to see their responses, you would have to manually change the quiz settings at a later time.

Also see the Canvas Community for Allowing Multiple Attempts on Quizzes.Will open new browser window or tab