Tech Tip: How can I build a unique Make-Up Quiz?

Some instructors choose to give unique make-up tests for added security. It is possible to achieve this in Canvas using the "Assign To" settings.

Once you have created the make-up assignment and are ready to assign it to a specific student or students:

  1. Open the course you would like to add the exception in,
  2. Locate and click the assignment/quiz,
  3. Click the Edit button,
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the "Assign to" area,
  5. Click the "x" next to the Everyone selection to remove the assignment from everyone,
  6. Now type the student name you wish to assign this to, (Note: You can add multiple students to this field.)
  7. Set the new due date and available from and until dates,
  8. Click Save,
  9. A warning message will appear notifying you that this assignment is not being assigned to everyone. Click Continue.

Once complete, only the selected student will have access to the assignment/quiz. These settings will also prevent this assignment from being calculated for everyone else in the course. Please note for this to work, you need to leave the original assignment/quiz blank for the student(s) attempting the make-up. Adding a grade to that field could cause issues for the make-up student(s) total points calculation.


Here is a quick video to help walk you through the process: