Tech Tip: Inbox Messaging System in Canvas (explained)

The Inbox in Canvas is a messaging system that allow you and your students to communicate within your course or Community. It is not an email account and does not require an email account to operate.

Key Concepts for Inbox Messaging System:

  • You can only use it to communicate with those enrolled in your course or participating in your Community
  • Messages cannot be forwarded outside to nonparticipating members

In the Notification areas of your Account settings in Canvas, you can choose to have your Inbox Messages sent to other accounts such as your BPCC email, any other email account (gmail, AOL, etc.), or as a text message. This is accomplished via the Conversations in Notification Preferences.

Conversations Explained:

  • Added to Conversation: Receive a notification when someone adds you to pre-existing conversation.
  • Conversation Message: Notification that someone has sent you a message.
  • Conversations Created By Me: essentially CCs the message you created to you in your Notification Preferences.