Tech Tip: Technology in the Classrooms

Students are bringing their mobile technology into the classrooms. Why not make great use of this during classroom meeting times to enhance learning?

Faculty are responsible for presenting material and assessing student learning in the courses they teach. Accomplishing this is not always easy, and coupled with the distraction of the mobile technology can make it more difficult.

Why not take advantage of the students’ desire to use mobile technology?

  • Preplan the use of technology
    • Let students know that that the class may access internet if it is for learning purposes
    • Make sure they know how to access the wireless access points. If you are unsure of how to do this, there are probably students in your class that do know how to access it. Let them explain the process.
  • Create an activity where the students find a piece of information related to the lecture presentation. Perhaps a video, image, or even a study guide created by another user. Have them share the resource with the other students
  • What do you do when a student asks a question about material that you did not plan on presenting, but is related to the topic? Check out this video for a suggestion: