Tech Tip: Cleaning Up the Gradebook

Canvas has an awesome Gradebook. Here are some things to watch out for when working with your Gradebook and how to make it work effectively for you and your students.

Get it organized.

Organizing the gradebook begins in the Assignments section of Canvas.

  • Columns in the Canvas gradebook are generated by the creation/deletion of assignments.
  • You cannot create a column in the gradebook while viewing the gradebook.

The following will walk you through creating assignments and assignment groups:

Assignments video transcriptWill open new browser window or tab

Clean it up.

If you are importing your course from a previous semester, please review your Assignments page.

  • If you are using publisher content (Cengage, Pearson, McGraw Hill, etc.) that links students to their site, it is suggested that you delete the assignments prior to syncing your Canvas course to the publisher content.
    • Any of the old assignments will create a column in your gradebook. These will not link to the new semester’s course.
    • When you sync your course, depending on the publisher, the new assignments will create new columns in your gradebook.
  • Now is the time to create assignment groups if you have certain requirements for your course like weighted grades.

Delete unused categories or rename them

  • When performing an import from another course, the assignment group name may be labeled Imported Assignments. Consider editing this to a more meaningful name.

Customize it.

There are numerous options for fine tuning your Assignments