Tech Tip: Canvas Roll Call Attendance to Excel

Import the Canvas Roll Call Attendance into an Excel spreadsheet.

Video Walk-through:


  1. Highlight the first 7 columns (A-G).
    1. Right-click
    2. Delete

  2. Highlight the last column (Timestamp)
    1. Right-click
    2. Delete
  3. Click on the square with gray triangle in it so that the entire sheet is highlighted
    1. Hover mouse on line between columns A and B

    2. Double- click to auto-fit the column contents

  4. Click on column B
    1. Right-click
    2. Insert

  5. Click on column A
  6. Go to the tabs
    1. and click on DATA
    2. Click on Text to Columns

  7. Click Next

    1. Check the box Space, Click Finish

  8. Rename columns to First Name and Last Name
  9. Click any cell that contains data, then click CTRL+A
  10. Click on the HOME tab
    1. Click Sort and Filter

    2. Click Custom Sort…

    3. Sort by: Last Name
    4. Click Add Level
    5. Sort by: Class Date
    6. Click OK