Tech Tip: How to export your Canvas Gradebook to Excel

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If you have specific grading groups in your syllabus, it is suggested that these groups match the groupings in your Canvas course.

For example, if you have the categories of homework, exams, and final exam, create those groups in Canvas.

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You may want to create a grading scheme. This will automatically assign a letter grade in the grade book.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Check the box for Grading Scheme
  3. Click the link view grading scheme
  4. Click the pencil icon to edit the scheme.

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Option to Sort the Grades

Sorting can be either done by due date or by assignment group. This is up to you.

Export your grade book.

Locate your exported grades.

Grades will be exported to a CSV file, which once you click on it to open it, it will open in Microsoft Excel

Open the file in Excel

  1. Delete any unused or unnecessary columns (ID, SIS user, SIS login, Section)
  2. Review the calculated columns found at the end of your spreadsheet
    1. There will be a Current Score and a Final Score.
    2. Choose the score that accurately displays the student’s score you use for calculating their grade.
    3. Delete the unused column (current or final score)

Format your sheets for better printing

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