Tech Tip: Quiz Creation: Settings

BPCC Quiz Settings Recommendations:

There are many different ways to setup Quizzes in Canvas. The following settings is our (BPCC's) recommendation. If you setup your Quizzes a different way and would like us to work with you on a specific process, please let us know.

  1. Make ALL Exams/Quizzes/Assessments available to students ONLY through Modules.
  2. Hide the navigation buttons Quizzes and Assignments.
  3. Add Quizzes and adjust Quiz setting through the Modules area. (The Quiz will be added automatically to Quizzes, Assignments, and to the course calendar.)

High Security Proctored Testing:

Recommendations for proctored (on BPCC campus) Quiz settings for exams, quizzes and assessments. This includes Quizzes given in Classrooms and Computer Labs. To ensure the highest Quiz security, we recommend using all the listed items, including the items marked "OPTIONAL".

  1. OPTIONAL: Pull all questions from a Question Bank.
  2. OPTIONAL: Shuffle Answers
  3. OPTIONAL: Set Time Limit. (If time limit is set, the Quiz will automatically submit when time runs out.)
  4. DO NOT allow Multiple attempts
  5. OPTIONAL: Do NOT check “Let Students See Their Quiz Responses”. (This will hide their Quiz from being viewed once the Quiz has been submitted.)
  6. CHECK “Show one question at a time”
  7. CHECK “Lock questions after answering”
  8. CHECK “Require an access code”. Select a password. (You will share this with the students in your classroom at the start of the Quiz.)
  9. CHECK "Filter IP Addresses" and select from search "BPCC's Restricted Testing".Will open new browser window or tab(This is for use ONLY on BPCC's Main Campus)
  10. Set Due Date
  11. Set “Available from” date and time. DO NOT SET the “Until” date.
  12. OPTIONAL: In Grades, “Mute” the column of this Quiz. (This will hide their Grade.)
  13. Publish the Exam/Quiz/Assessment

On the day of the Exam/Quiz/Assessment:

Once ALL students have submitted the Assessment in a single testing period, set the Until date of the Quiz to the current Date and Time. This action will lock the Quiz and submit any quizzes that are currently open. Note: (This includes changes from Blackboard)

  1. If an “Until” date is set and students are currently taking the Quiz, Canvas will immediately submit that Quiz.
    (This is different than Blackboard!)
  2. Prohibit “Backtracking” feature requires both options #6 and #7 to work correctly.
  3. DO NOT UN-PUBLISH the Module that contains the Quiz, during the quiz! If you do, Canvas will immediately submit all remaining open Quizzes.
    (This is different than Blackboard!)
  4. DO NOT change the “Password” during the Quiz! This action will kick the student out of the Quiz. However, the student can go back into the quiz if they know to enter the new password.
    (This is different than Blackboard!)
  5. Entering a "0" in the Gradebook of a Quiz/Assignment doesn’t block a student from submitting a Quiz/Assignment. In Canvas, the only way to block a student from submitting an Assessment and/or Assignment is to enter an "Until" date for that item. This action will LOCK that item.
    (This is different than Blackboard!)