Tech Tip: Regrading a Quiz - In Canvas

Due to the fact we are human, we sometimes miskey a question on a quiz. This Tech Tip provides you with steps to Regrade a Quiz and award points to those who have earned them.

The regrade function works only with Multiple Choice, True/False, and Multiple Answer questions.

Award Points for Both Answers

Using quiz analytics or student feedback, you may find that students found a question too confusing, or you realized that the question could have been listed with multiple answers when only one was selected. In cases like these, you can select the Award points for both corrected and previously correct answers option to avoid penalizing your students.

Award Points for Correct Answer

Occasionally an incorrect answer may get marked as the correct answer for a quiz. The Only award points for the corrected answer option allows you to correct the answer and give credit to those who selected the answer that should have been correct.

Give Everyone Full Credit

In some cases it might be appropriate to simply give everyone full credit for a question. Select the Give everyone full credit for this question option.

Update without Regrading

If you need to improve your question or answers for a future quiz, you can select the Update question without regrading option to update a question without regrading the students who have already taken the quiz.

Double check your work

Ed Tech suggest you access the Quiz from the Module list or from the Quizzes list. Make sure the changes have been saved.

Situations where Regrading is Not Functional

  • If the question is linked to a Test Bank, you will need to go into the Test Bank and edit the question.
    • Regrading is not functional when questions are linked to a Test Bank. You will need to manually update each student’s quiz.
  • Quiz regrade only works with specific quiz question types and only applies to students who have already taken the quiz.
  • Adding or removing a question does not trigger the quiz regrade feature.
  • Changing the point value for a quiz question also does not trigger a quiz regrade; the student's submitted quiz will show the updated point value, but the current grade won't change in the Gradebook.

If you have edited your quiz in one of these ways, you should moderate the quiz and let the student retake the quiz.