Tech Tip: Using SpeedGrade

SpeedGrader is a very useful feature of Canvas that allows you to quickly grade your students’ assignments, hence the name. Over the next few weeks, Tech Tips will cover the many tools that you can utilize within SpeedGrader. This week will cover the basic usage, and how to use Settings to make the process even more efficient for you.

»More information regarding SpeedGrader at Canvas Help CenterWill open new browser window or tab

Access SpeedGrader

You can access SpeedGrader in several ways:

Accessing it will cause another tab on your web browser to open. When you have completed the grading of the assignment, it is recommended that you close that tab.

For efficiency, you can sort how you would like to show the submissions. You can sort the submissions alphabetically by student, by the date assignments were submitted, or by submission status (needs grading, not submitted, etc.). See the screenshots for more detail.