Important Information

Priority Deadline Dates (Federal Aid)

Fall: June 1
Spring: October 1

Priority Deadline Dates (Academic Tuition Waiver applications)

Fall: March 31
Spring: October 1

Verification Information

If your application is selected for review in a process called verification, BPCC must compare information from your application with signed copies of federal tax returns for the student, and/or parents/step-parents/spouses as well as other income information. The law says we have the right and responsibility to require this information before awarding federal aid.

If there are differences between your application and verification documents, corrections may be required. Our office will submit the corrections to the Central Processor, electronically. You will be notified of a change in your EFC by a corrected SAR sent from the processor.

You must submit all documentation requested by the BPCC Financial Aid Office. Incomplete forms will be returned to student. BPCC must have your correct, complete information by your last day of enrollment in the current award year.

Verification for Pell-eligible students must be completed no later than 90 days after student's last date of attendance at BPCC or August 31, of the applicable award year, whichever is earlier. Verification for Direct and PLUS loan students must be completed 10 days prior to student's last day of attendance for a semester.

Your aid will not be processed if verification is not completed.

Cost of Attendance

Approximate cost of attendance can be found on the 2014-2015 Award Information Form.PDF File

Admissions Requirements for Financial Aid Students

  • Provisionally admitted students ARE NOT eligible for federal financial aid. If your Admissions file is incomplete,(i.e. missing documents such as immunization records, transcripts, etc...) you are considered a provisional student. You must have a complete Admissions file in order to receive federal financial aid.
  • You must have a high school diploma or its equivalent in order to receive federal financial aid.

Financial Aid Refunds

Refunds are available to students whose financial aid has been processed by the BPCC Financial Aid Office and who have awards posted and accepted on LOLA.

Financial Aid early refunds will be made available to students, who have met the above criteria AND are due a refund:

  • We will begin applying financial aid to student accounts after the financial aid “freeze” date (see Pell grant recalculations below)
  • Once the funds have applied to your student account, and it is determined that you are due a refund, BPCC will electronically submit the refund information to Higher One. Higher One will disburse your refund to the student according to the refund preference the student chose when activating the BPCC debit card.Will open new browser window or tab

BPCC Debit Card

As you may have already heard, the BPCC Debit Card is how it’s done at BPCC! The BPCC Debit Card is your ticket to receiving your financial aid refunds from Bossier Parish Community College. And remember, it’s a debit card; not a credit card!

Three Easy Steps to Get Started:

  1. Look for Your Card in the Mail
    As soon as you are owed a refund "Refund generated" appears on your "Account Summary" on LOLA, BPCC will start the process of creating your BPCC Debit Card. The card will be sent to the mailing address that you have registered with BPCC. Remember, you will want to activate your refund preference as soon as possible to avoid any delays in receiving your refund money.
  2. Activate Your Refund Preference
    Once you receive your card, you may select your refund preference:
    1. Visit OneAccountWill open new browser window or tab and enter your card number to get started.
    2. Enter the requested information and select your refund preference. Choosing an Easy Refund is the FASTEST refund option.
    3. Your BPCC Debit Card is now activated and ready to use!
  3. Benefits of Easy Refund and the OneAccount
    The OneAccount is a great way to manage school expenses while keeping them separate from other expenses. And with an Easy Refund, your refund money is deposited directly into the OneAccount for use as soon as BPCC releases it. Easy Refund is by far the fastest and easiest way to gain access to your refund money, so don’t wait to start taking advantage of this great benefit!

At OneAccount,Will open new browser window or tab you will be allowed to CHOOSE your refund preference. You will have the following three (3) refund choices:

Refund Choices Refund Description Time of Refund
1 Easy Refund Don't Wait for Your Money... Get an Easy Refund 
I would like to have my financial aid refund or other refunds from the Bossier Parish Community College deposited directly into my OneAccount. 

With the OneAccount and the BPCC Debit Card, any refund from BPCC is available in the fastest way. There is no charge to receive refunds directly into the OneAccount. There is no monthly fee or minimum balance requirement for the OneAccount. 
Within minutes of being released by the college
2 ACH Transfer (to other bank) Please deposit my financial aid refund or other refunds from Bossier Parish Community College into a third party bank account. 

There is no charge for receiving your refund in this way, although it can take up to 3 business days longer to receive a refund, as compared to the Easy Refund preference. To receive your refund by ACH transfer, you will need to have this option selected, and will also have to complete, print and mail in a paper ACH form. Higher One will send you an email confirmation when we receive your form to notify you that it has been inputted into the system. 
3 or more business days
3 Paper Check Please send financial aid or other refund checks to my primary address. 

There is no charge for receiving refunds in this way, although receiving a check via first class mail may add (5) or more business days to receive the refund check. This is a check mailed by Higher One and not by your school . 
5 or more business days

Freshman First-Time Borrowers (30 day delayed disbursement)

Student loan funds for first-time borrowers with fewer than 30 credit hours earned will not be mailed to students until after the 30th day of the semester. Federal regulations require these students to be subjected to a 30-day delayed disbursement on the first disbursement of their loans.

Important Notice for Pell Grant Students:

How your Pell is initially calculated:
The Pell Grant is initially based on full-time enrollment. The initial awards posted on LOLA are posted for the Pell grant amount for 12 hour enrollment. Once registration has been finalized, Pell Grants will be adjusted (re-calculated) to reflect the correct Pell grant amount based on the actual number of hours enrolled.

Pell Recalculation:
Pell grants will be adjusted (re-calculated) for the correct enrollment status during the “enrollment verification” period. The “enrollment verification” period typically occurs during the 1st – 9th day of class. This is a period of time when BPCC instructors report all students who are enrolled in classes but did not begin attendance (no shows). After the “enrollment verification” period (but no later than the 9th day of class), the Financial Aid office will “freeze” the enrolled hours. If the enrollment status has changed, for example, the student is no longer enrolled (or attending) 12 credit hours, the Pell grant will be adjusted downward. After the “freeze” process occurs, Pell grants will no longer be adjusted for students in session A.

Pell Recalculation for Modules/Sessions:
Pell grants will be re-calculated for students enrolled in modules/sessions after the first day of class for the module/session and after the “enrollment verification” (or “no show”) period for that module/session. An enrollment verification period will occur for each module.

Example: If you are enrolled for six hours in session A and later add a class in session C, your Pell will be re-calculated after the first day of class for session C and after the “no show” period has ended” (typically prior to the 10th day of class). When Pell is re-calculated, the Pell grant will be increased if your enrollment status has increased. However, if your enrollment status has decreased (due to dropping classes previously paid for session A), your Pell grant will be decreased and you will owe money to the College.

Will you owe money?
Yes, you may owe money due to Pell Recalculation.

Example: You enroll in nine (9) credit hours (three classes) for Session A and three (3) hours in a module/session that begins later in the semester. Once the financial aid office is notified that you have begun attendance in the three Session A classes, you will be awarded the Pell grant for nine (9) credit hours. When the module/session class begins (later in the semester) the financial aid office will recalculate your Pell grant. The instructor has verified that you began attendance in the session/module class. However, upon review, we notice that you have withdrawn from two of the Session A classes (dropped six (6) hours). When the Pell grant is recalculated, your new enrollment status is no longer nine (hours). Your enrollment status is now six (6) hours. Your Pell grant will be REDUCED to the six hour Pell amount and you will have to repay a portion of the Pell grant you received for Session A. You will owe money to the College as a result of Pell recalculation.