Financial Aid

Important Payment Notice

Advance Registration for summer 2015 and fall 2015 begins April 14, 2015.  In order to register, your account must be paid in full, or you must have made payment arrangements with the College.  You may submit payment via LOLA, or you may bring cash or check to the Business Office located on the first floor of Building F.

PLEASE NOTE:  Beginning summer 2015, students who have not paid in full or have not made payment arrangements will have their classes removed the Friday prior to each General Registration.

  • If you have any questions concerning payment, contact the Business Office at
  • If you need assistance with financial aid, contact the Financial Aid Office at


Books – Vouchers for Sessions

Financial Aid recipients who are enrolled in sessions that begin after January16, and who are due a credit balance for the spring 2015 semester (after tuition/fees/housing charges are deducted) will be allowed to receive a PAPER book voucher. Paper vouchers are available in the Financial Aid three days prior to and on the session begin date.


FAFSA Marathon

Need help completing your FAFSA? Please attend the 2015 FAFSA Marathon.

BPCC will hold a FAFSA Marathon to help students and parents complete the 2015-2016 Free Application for Federal Aid (FAFSA), Financial Aid staff members will be on-hand to help students with the FAFSA. We will help all students (even if you do not plan to attend BPCC).

April 20-23 (Monday – Thursday)

Building F, Room 203

8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Monday and Tuesday
7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Wednesday and Thursday


News for Financial Aid appeals:

Effective summer 2015, there will be no more RESET appeals. We will continue to allow students to submit two appeals while attending BPCC, but are doing away with the RESET appeals. We will be posting the new Satisfactory Academic Progress policy no later than May 1, 2015.



The Financial Aid Office cannot drop your classes for you. If you want to drop a class(es), you MUST log into LoLA and drop the class yourself. If you are unable to drop your class(es) via LoLA, please contact the Admissions Office.

Financial Aid Appeals Deadlines:


(Please note the semester deadline date posted on the Financial Aid Appeal Form).

The Financial Aid Appeal Committee will meet WEEKLY.

Appeals must be submitted by Tuesday each week. If you submit your appeal by Tuesday, you should have a decision by Friday of the same week. If you submit your appeal on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, you will have a decision by the following Friday.

Official transcripts from ALL colleges/universities previously attended must be submitted to the Admissions Office and posted to the BPCC computer system BEFORE the student will be allowed to submit a financial aid appeal.

Official transcripts from ALL colleges/universities previously attended must be submitted to the Admissions Office and posted to the BPCC computer system BEFORE the student will be allowed to submit a financial aid appeal.

If you have been suspended (academically) from BPCC, you are not eligible to submit a financial aid appeal.

Important information regarding the Financial Aid appeal process may be obtained by reading the 2014-2015 Financial Aid Appeal Form.PDF File

The BPCC Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policyPDF File has changed, effective summer 2013 for all BPCC students.

It is your responsibility to read and understand the NEW SAP policy.PDF File

All previous SAP policies you may possess or have read are no longer valid. This is the only valid policy.


The Financial Aid Office will use Fridays to process submitted paperwork. The office will not be open to traffic, phone calls, or email while we use this valuable time to process financial aid files. We hope this time will allow your aid package to be processed in a timely manner.

* Financial Aid Office will be closed on Fridays with the following exceptions:

   Financial Aid office will be open:

  • The Friday before general registration week (Fall and Spring semesters)
  • The Friday of general registration week (Fall/Spring/Summer)
  • The two Fridays following general registration week (Fall and Spring semesters)

Please visit, call, or email our office during business hours Monday – Thursday:

Monday 8:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Tuesday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Wednesday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

In order to serve you better, the Financial Aid office has developed a list of the questions most frequently asked by our students. You will probably find the answer to your question here or you may access LOLA to view your Financial Aid summary which will also provide you with up-to-date information regarding your Financial Aid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is considered financial aid?

Any type of assistance used to assist with the Cost of Education is considered Financial Aid. (i.e. grants, loans, scholarships, waivers, vouchers, work-study jobs, etc…)

How do I apply for all types of aid?

A student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. You may complete the FAFSA electronically at open new browser window or tab BPCC has a link to the FAFSA website on our website at Once you complete and SUBMIT your application electronically, you will receive a Student Aid Report within two weeks. Each school you listed on the FAFSA will also receive your information electronically and will then be in contact with you. We will notify you electronically (see item b. below).If you do not receive an email from BPCC within two weeks of receipt of your Student Aid Report, contact us at 318-678-6026 to confirm receipt by the school.

  1. Upon receipt of your FAFSA information, a “Student Requirements” Notification will be sent electronically to the email address listed on the FAFSA and also to the BPCC student email address instructing you to view your Financial Aid Student Requirements on LOLA.
  2. All students must complete an Authorization Form (2014-2015).
  3. Once you submit all documents required, your information will be reviewed by Financial Aid counselors. Based on your FAFSA information, a financial aid package listing all awards for which you are eligible will be determined and an award notification will be sent via email to your email address listed on the FAFSA and also to the BPCC student email address. (If you indicated on your FAFSA that you are interested in student loans, your package will include student loans.) You may access your awards and “accept” the loan awards via LOLA.

What types of aid are available at BPCC?

BPCC offers grants, Direct Loans, work-study and scholarships. All programs are designed to assist students with the resources necessary to further their education at BPCC.

What is "Cost of Attendance or Budget"?

Cost of Attendance is an estimated budget of costs for attending college. This includes tuition, books, transportation, etc. Your total aid package (grants,scholarships, loans, etc.) cannot exceed this Cost of Attendance (2014-2015)PDF File budget.

My FAFSA indicates that I am selected for verification. What is verification?

At least 30% of all FAFSA applicants are selected for verification by the Department of Education. This merely means that you are asked to supply additional paperwork to "verify" income, family members, untaxed income, etc. BPCC is required by the Department of Education to verify this information before aid can be awarded to you. If you are unable or unwilling to provide requested documentation, BPCC will be unable to process any Federal aid for you.

What is an EFC?

EFC - Estimated Family Contribution is a number determined by the U. S. Department of Education (based on your FAFSA information) that is subtracted from your Cost of Attendance to determine eligibility for Pell Grants and other need-based aid.

When should I apply for financial aid?

You should apply for aid as soon as you file your federal tax return each year. If you are not required to file a federal tax return, you may complete the FAFSA as early as January 1 each year.

Priority Deadlines for Financial Aid are dependent upon the type of aid of which you are applying:

Grants and Loans for Fall -June 1
Grants and Loans for Spring -October 1
Scholarships for Fall -March 31
Scholarships for Spring -October 1

What is LOLA?

LOLA (Log On Louisiana) is your 24/7, one-stop resource that allows you to completely manage your college career. You can use LOLA to: monitor your financial aid application, register for classes, review your class schedule, review your work study or student worker schedule, check on important upcoming dates, and catch up on campus news and announcements.

Here are some important things you can do to stay connected and learn of LOLA updates:

  • Monitor your campus email account
  • Like BPCC's Facebook pageWill open new browser window or tab
  • Regularly check for announcements at
  • Attend campus meetings regarding the new system

How do I log-in to LOLA?

Go to and select the LOLA icon from the menu on the left side of the page. Select the icon “Never Used LOLA before”. Follow the instructions to “Look Up Your User ID” and “User Name and Password Guide”. If you need help, call the Support Line at 855-227-8102.

See also: LOLA Registration Quick Reference GuidePDF File

Will my financial aid be affected if I drop a class?

All Financial Aid recipients are subject to the policies concerning Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) (2014-2015).PDF File Satisfactory Academic Progress is defined as passing the required number of hours, obtaining the required grade point average, and not exceeding a maximum attempted hours.

How do I appeal to regain my financial aid eligibility?

A student must appeal to receive financial aid after failure to obtain standards required by Satisfactory Academic Progress by reading/accepting the criteria and completing a Financial Aid Appeal Form (2014-2015).PDF File A student is only allowed to submit two appeals while attending BPCC.

Do I need to complete the Payment Process?

All students must pay their tuition and fees – either self-pay or payment via Financial Aid funds. Do not assume that you are eligible for aid simply because you completed a FAFSA. Your financial aid awards will be posted to your LOLA account. If you have submitted a FAFSA along with all documents requested by the Financial Aid office and the Admissions office, and after 10-14 days you are unable to view financial aid awards, please contact our office to determine why your awards are not posted.

What is a Master Promissory Note (MPN)?

The Master Promissory Note (MPN) essentially opens a line of credit for education expenses during your academic career. When you sign a Federal Direct Loan Master promissory note, you promise to repay your student loan(s). The note also includes important language about your rights and responsibilities as a borrower.

As a dependent student, is there additional aid available?

As a dependent student, the amount of aid is determined by eligibility and need. You may be eligible for additional grants or apply for a Parent PLUS Loan. If a parent is denied a Parent PLUS loan, additional loan proceeds may be certified for the student.

What is an over-award?

Federal and State rules state that a student cannot receive aid in excess of their Cost of Attendance budget. Any time a student receives any federal, state, or institutional aid in excess of their Cost of Attendance, funds must be returned or adjusted to accommodate the overage.

Can I receive financial aid for summer school?

Students can receive aid for summer school attendance, if eligible. Pell recipients who attend full time in the fall semester and full time in the spring semester will have NO Pell grant eligibility left for summer. Loan recipients who accept the maximum annual loan limit for the fall and spring semesters combined will have NO loan eligibility left for the summer semester. If you are a “visiting” student and are attending BPCC for the summer semester “only”, you are not eligible to receive aid.

If I resign from school, will I owe money?

After an official or unofficial withdrawal from the College, a refund and/or repayment evaluation must be performed on students' account to determine eligibility for refund or repayment. Federal Regulations require that we determine the amount of time enrolled at the institution and apply appropriate refunding. You must earn more than 60% of your aid by attending more than 60% of your registered class time to keep all aid disbursed. NOTE: If a recipient of federal aid stops attending class without officially resigning from the College, a last date of attendance will be applied based on information received from the instructors and appropriate refunding applied.

You must maintain attendance in at least one class beyond the 60% date. The 60% date is posted on the financial aid web page.

How long does it take to process my aid?

Once you submit all required documents (i.e. Authorization form, Verification form, tax transcripts, birth certificates, etc.) please allow at least four to six weeks for processing.

I submitted my documents. Why do my Financial Aid Student Requirements on LOLA still indicate "Received, not yet reviewed”?

“Received, not yet reviewed” means that we have received your document(s), but your verification counselor has not reviewed your file information. Since we process files in date order, other students may have submitted documents prior to the date you submitted your documents. Those student files will be processed first (in date order). During peak processing times, your status may be "…not yet reviewed" for three to four weeks or more due to the volume of files to be processed.

Provisional Students: your financial aid counselor will not begin to review your information until you have submitted all documents required by the Admissions office (high school transcript, college transcripts, immunization records, etc…)

Keep checking LOLA and watch for all requirements to indicate "Requirement Satisfied". Once the requirements are satisfied, an award notice will be sent to you via email. Check your BPCC student email often.

Does LOLA contain all my financial aid information?

Yes. When you call our office to inquire about your financial aid file, we are accessing the information on LOLA.Will open new browser window or tab You are able to access this same information via LOLA. LOLA is an excellent tool that will give you all the information you need. If LOLA indicates that you have missing requirements, you need to submit the required documents. If all your documents are “completed, pending review”, this means your verification counselor has your file and will process your file in date order.

My aid is processed, when will I receive my refund?

The Financial Aid office cannot estimate the date you will receive your refund. The BPCC refund process is outlined on our web page at Financial Aid Refunds.

Will LOLA show my refund amount and when it was generated?

Yes. You may access the Student tab and then select Student Account. Select “Student Account Summary by Term” to view your charges, credits, and refunds. If your aid has been applied to your account and a refund is due to you, your account summary will indicate “BPCC System Generated Refund”. If you would like to view the date the refund was generated, you must select “Account detail for Term” from the Student Account menu. The Refund Generated date does not indicate the date your refund was submitted to Higher One. Refunds are submitted to Higher One by the Business Office each week. See Financial Aid Refunds for more information about Higher One.

Does BPCC issue book vouchers?

Financial Aid recipients who are due a credit balance for the semester (after tuition/fees/housing charges are deducted) will be allowed to participate in the electronic book voucher process.

Students should go to the bookstore to utilize the electronic book voucher process. Students will not need to go to the Financial Aid office to obtain a paper voucher. Please access this link for more information regarding the electronic book voucher process.

NOTICE: Students with Scholarships, Exemptions, or Waivers will not be able to utilize the electronic book voucher process. If a scholarship, waiver, or exemption will be providing your books, you must go to the Business Office to obtain a paper book voucher.

My aid is not processed. Will my classes be dropped?

Your classes will not be dropped. However, you are responsible for the tuition/fees charged to your account. If we determine that you are NOT eligible for federal aid, you must pay your tuition/fees out-of-pocket. Once classes have begun, whether you attend the class or not, you are responsible for the full amount of tuition and fees charged to your account.

My aid is not processed. Should I go to class?

YES! Go to class. If you do not go to the first class, your instructor will report you as a “no-show”. You will not receive federal aid if you are a “no show”. Additionally, if you do not continue attending your class, your instructor may suspend you for non-attendance. In order to receive federal aid, you must attend class.

I submitted my documents electronically, by mail, or fax but LOLA still indicates that these items are “missing” or “unsatisfied”.

Once you submit your documents electronically or via fax, please allow 7 days for the staff to “post” the document(s) to the system and update LOLA. We received hundreds of forms and faxes weekly and it takes time to post these items to student accounts. (Most of these forms are posted as “received” on Fridays) If you mail your forms, allow an extra week.

Will I receive an award letter?

Yes, you will receive an award notification via email. The award notification will be sent to the email address listed on your FAFSA and to your BPCC student email address. The notification will instruct you to view your awards on LOLA. (Some awards require your acceptance via LOLA.)

Do I have to “accept” my awards via LOLA?

You do not have to "accept" grants or scholarships, as these awards are automatically accepted. Since student loans must be paid back, the student must choose to "accept", "decline", or "accept, partial amount" for student loans.

I don’t have enough Financial Aid to support my family.

Financial Aid is provided to students for educational purposes only and is not intended to be your source of income.

Why is it when I try calling your office I can never get through?

Our office handles several hundred phone calls per day during peak times. We have a call center that answers the bulk of our calls. You may also locate the phone number for your Verification Counselor. A good strategy if you are in the area is to stop by in person. You may also email us.

How do I obtain an IRS Tax Transcript?

You can obtain an IRS Tax Transcript by contacting the Internal Revenue Service at 800-829-1040 and ask for a tax return transcript. (Do not request a tax summary)

You may also download and print a copy of your IRS Transcript by accessing IRS Get Transcript.Will open new browser window or tab

My aid is not processed. May I still register for classes?

Yes, you should register for classes. However, you are responsible for the tuition/fees charged to your account. If we determine that you are NOT eligible for federal aid, you must pay your tuition/fees out-of-pocket. Once classes have begun, whether you attend the class or not, you are responsible for the full amount of tuition and fees charged to your account.

My aid is not processed. How will I pay my tuition and books?

If your aid is not processed, you may be eligible to pick up a book voucher in the Financial Aid office to pay for your books while your financial aid is being processed.

How do I know how much I owe for tuition and fees?

Access LOLAWill open new browser window or tab and select the Student TAB and then select “Student Account” and then, “Account Summary by Term”.

Will financial aid pay for remedial/developmental classes?

Yes, you may receive federal financial aid for developmental classes, up to 30 credit hours.

I am enrolled in classes during several separate sessions (or modules). How does this affect my financial aid awards/refunds?

Student Loans: Student loans will not apply to your student account until you have begun attendance in six hours or more.

Example: If you are enrolled for three hours in session A and three hours in session C, your loan will not apply to your account, nor generate a refund, until 10 days after session C begins. If your instructor reports that you never began attendance (no show) in one of those classes, you will not receive your student loan funds.

Pell Grants:
Pell grants will be re-calculated for students enrolled in modules/sessions after the first day of class for the module/session and after the “enrollment verification” (or “no show”) period for that module/session. An enrollment verification period will occur for each module.

Example: If you are enrolled for six hours in session A and later add a class in session C, your Pell will be re-calculated after the first day of class for session C and after the “no show” period has ended” (typically prior to the 10th day of class). When Pell is re-calculated, the Pell grant will be increased if your enrollment status has increased. However, if your enrollment status has decreased (due to dropping classes previously paid for session A), your Pell grant will be decreased and you will owe money to the College.

Degree Audit Notice:

Federal financial aid may NOT be awarded for courses that do not apply toward a student’s degree program. Each student is strongly encouraged to check with an advisor to ensure that the courses in which he/she is enrolled will apply towards the student’s degree program.

Submit your documents early!
Applying for Financial Aid is a lengthy process. The entire process could take up to three to four weeks after the student submits ALL documents required to complete his/her financial aid file. In order to have the student’s financial aid processed in time for registration/fee payment he/she must submit ALL requested documents according to the priority deadlines.

  • Provisionally admitted students are not eligible for federal financial aid. If a student’s Admissions file is incomplete, he/she is considered a provisional student.
  • All students must have a high school diploma or its equivalent in order to receive federal financial aid.
  • If a student is missing official college academic transcripts or if his/her financial aid file is incomplete, the student is NOT eligible for financial aid. It is the student’s responsibility to make payment arrangement on the day of registration.
  • If a student is determined ineligible for financial aid once all missing information is provided, he/she must make payment arrangement on the day of registration.

Awards may be reduced or cancelled without prior notification if a student is determined ineligible for financial aid funds that he/she has already received.

You will owe money if:

  • You do not begin attendance in ALL classes (your instructor notifies the Financial Aid Office of all students who never attend classes.)
  • You resign or stop attending ALL classes before completing more than 60% of the semester.

Students must begin attendance in ALL classes. Federal financial aid will be adjusted if a student does not begin attendance in ALL classes. If a student’s financial aid is disbursed to the student account and he/she never attends one or more classes, the student will be responsible for immediate REPAYMENT of a portion or perhaps the FULL amount of the financial aid.

Additionally, if a financial aid recipient begins attendance in class, but resigns or stops attending all classes before completing more than 60% of the semester, he/she will owe money to the aid program and BPCC.

60% Dates:

Fall: October 19, 2014 (Session A) *

Spring: March 22, 2015 (Session A) *

* If you are enrolled in other sessions or a combination of several sessions, the 60% date will be calculated using 60% of the sum of the days of all enrolled sessions.

BPCC Teacher Institute:

A person who is a full-time Louisiana classroom teacher teaching on a temporary Louisiana teaching certificate in Louisiana in a public or private school, and who is working on permanent certification, may participate in the Teacher Institute. A teacher may take up to two 3-hour courses for $100 each ($200 maximum). Teachers must provide a copy of their T-Certificate and a letter from the school principal where they teach certifying that the course(s) they are taking at BPCC apply toward permanent certification. A new letter is required each semester! For more details, contact Dr. Stan Wilkins, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, at 678-6377. (The program does not include paraprofessionals or teacher aides.)