Working Adults Support Program (For Business and Industry Employees)

Working Adults (Business and Industry) Program Awards Opportunities:

Each semester, the BPCC Foundation Scholarship Committee will award assistance to eligible students who meet specific program criteria. These funds are designated for working adults pursuing an academic curriculum, who MAY BE RECEIVING SOME FORM OF FINANCIAL AID, but require additional assistance to help offset the expenses of books, fees, or other unanticipated, school-related costs. Assistance may be awarded at the following levels:

  • Up to $500 awarded per student
  • One award per student, per semester

Requirements for applying for Working Adults (Business and Industry) Assistance:

These scholarships are to be awarded to persons possessing the following merits:

  • Student must be actively employed on a part-time or full-time basis.
  • Student must be admitted and enrolled in a BPCC academic program.
  • Student must be on file at the BPCC Financial Aid Office.
  • All applicants must possess minimum 2.000 GPA on high school or college work. Student is or will be enrolled at BPCC during time for which he/she is requesting assistance.
  • Applicant demonstrates a special or unusual financial need as determined by the committee.
  • Applicant possesses talents that are desirable and which will lend credibility to the college. Student has other special existing circumstances which warrant the issuing of assistance.

Procedures for applying for Working Adult (Business and Industry) Assistance:

  • Student Applicant must submit a Working Adults (Business and Industry) Assistance application, letter, and all other required documents to the BPCC Foundation Office before the Application Deadline Date (see application).
  • Working Adults (Business and Industry) Awards committee reviews applications and make recommendations of awards.
  • Foundation Office will mail award and denial letters to applicants.
  • Foundation Office will notify Financial Aid Office and Working Adults (Business and Industry) Program Manager of recipients as awards are granted.
  • Working Adults (Business and Industry) Assistance awards are applied to the BPCC student account for each recipient.

Program Information Contact: Kathy Vercher at

Funds for this program are managed by the BPCC Foundation, Inc. – a 501C3 Non-profit organization. This program is funded in part by donations received from the Greater Bossier Economic Development Foundation. For more information, contact Stephanie Rogers, Director of Institutional Advancement