Board of Directors

What it's about for them: Why I serve

“I serve to assist and help students achieve and realize their educational goals that directly lead to a meaningful life. My efforts and those of my fellow board members help students by raising funds and finding ways to generate and manage funds in order to help those in need the most. It is with pride that I offer my time, efforts, and passion to making a difference in young people's lives through education at BPCC.”

Ray Tromba
Bayer Properties/ Louisiana Boardwalk
BPCC Foundation Board President


“It gives me the opportunity to help someone get a better start in life or to better the life they currently have. It lets people in the community know there is a place where “People really do matter” and each of us can impart that message as Board Members. There isn’t a single day that goes by that BPCC doesn’t enter my conversation with someone.”

Helen Black
Eldorado Shreveport
BPCC Foundation Board & Past President


“BPCC has been and continues to be a cornerstone asset to not just Bossier but to Northwest Louisiana. I am proud to serve in a small role that assists those interested in learning and improving their life status through education. I am proud to always hear and be associated with what BPCC is doing and has done to be a true neighbor, friend to business, industry and community.”

David “Rocky” Rockett, Jr.
Executive Director, Greater Bossier Economic Development Foundation
BPCC Foundation Board & Past President


“Serving on the BPCC Foundation Board has been a blessing to me in many ways. I am constantly touched by the gratitude I feel from students whose lives have been changed because of the assistance they have received from the Foundation. Education is very important to me, and I am honored to serve with a group of individuals that want to give others the opportunities they need and deserve.”

Hedy Hebert
Managing Partner, Benefit Consulting Service
BPCC Foundation Board


“It is about helping others. Education, in its many forms, has always been the great equalizer. It is the means of bettering oneself, of making the most of opportunities and of gaining the skills necessary to be competitive in today’s job market. I am proud to be a part of helping others achieve their dreams and of making our community a profitable place to do business and a great place to call home!”

Jeff R. Thompson, Attorney
BPCC Foundation Board and Past President


“To me, serving on the BPCC Foundation Board is about providing opportunities for those individuals who want to further their education through community support. “

Cliff LeBlanc
BPCC Foundation Board and Past President