Grants and External Funding

Grants Office

  • Assists administrators, faculty members, and staff in locating, proposing, submitting applications, and administering competitive external funds
  • Secures grant funding to provide faculty and staff professional development
  • Provides additional funding sources that allow administration, faculty and staff to increase the capacity of the College to meet the workforce learning needs of our students
  • Disseminates timely and accurate grants-related information to keep faculty and staff aware of funding opportunities and resources.
  • Assists project directors in maintaining compliance with federal and state regulations and College policies regarding grant funds.

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Grant Guidelines

Grants, contracts, agreements, and grant award documents are legal instruments that binds the College and external agency to terms stated therein. College, state and federal laws, rules, and regulations must be followed when preparing, accepting, signing, and executing such as legal documents. Policies outlined in the Grants Policies and Procedure ManualPDF File must be followed in the preparation and submission of documents to external funding agencies for their consideration including Administrative, Finance Office, and Grants Office approval.