Embedding a Mediasite Video Using the Canvas LTI

To embed a Mediasite presentation:

  1. Either create a new pageWill open new browser window or tabor edit an existing page.
  2. If you are editing a page, place your cursor where you would like the embed to be placed.
  3. Click the More Tools chevron button in the toolbar.
  4. Choose Mediasite.
  5. The Mediasite embed dialog will appear with 2 options. Choose the desired option to embed:
    • Presentation - Lists your presentations available for embed.
    • Catalog - Lists any channels or catalogs you have available for embed.
  6. Locate the item you would like to embed in the list or use the provided search box.
  7. Click the Embed button.
  8. Choose the desired option:
    • Abstract Only - Embeds a thumbnail of the video with the description and other details for the presentation.
    • Abstract + Player - Embeds a thumbnail of the video with the details for the presentation and a player.
    • NOTE: For Catalogs you will have the option to insert a link or a full page embed. It is recommended to use the embed option for catalogs.
  9. Customize the layout on the page as desired using the rich text editor.
  10. Click Save.





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