Presentation Settings in Mediasite

To access the presentation settings:

  1. Click the My Mediasite link in your course on the Course Navigation menu in Canvas.
  2. Click the title of the video you wish to adjust the settings.

The Summary tab opens. This tab shows a snapshot of the presentations current settings; as well as, some helpful links. Beneath the embedded preview pane, you will find 3 tabs:

  • Information
    • Displays the Tags, Description, Duration, and Presenter Name(s) of the presentation.
  • Delivery
    • Displays the delivery methods chosen for the presentation.
  • Actions
    • Displays any scheduled options setup for the presentation.

The Share tab provides access to a direct link to the video, an HTML Embed code, and an Email sharing option. All three of these methods will require a LoLA login credential to be viewed. You will rarely use this tab to share your videos, the preferred method is covered in another tutorial on Embedding a Mediasite Presentation on a Page in Canvas.

The Edit tab allows you to adjust many of the settings and delivery methods for each presentation. There are 3 options of interest in the top-right corner:

  • Visibility
    • Private - Presentation is only accessible to you.
    • Viewable - Presentation is accessible to any user with view or read security privileges.
  • Date
    • Can be adjusted as needed but defaults to date the presentation was created.
  • Duration
    • Defaults to presentation's run-time.

The lower half of the Edit tab has 4 areas that hold presentation details and delivery information:

  • The Information tab
    • Title - Can be edited as needed. All presentations should have a title. Please do not leave a presentation with the "Unnamed Presentation" title.
    • Description - Provide a description of the presentation content if desired.
      • At the base you will see a field for search tags. Adding tags will optimize search results on catalogs for your presentations. To add a tag press the Enter key after typing the tag name.
    • Presenters - Add or remove presenters as needed. If you are not in the list of Presenters click the Add New button to enter your information.
    • Links - Add any links to resources the viewer may need. These links will show as part of the description of the presentation in the player.
    • Categories - Categories are set at the system level. Select the appropriate one. If you need a category created let us know at
    • Modules - Categories are set at the system level. Select the appropriate one. If you need a category created let us know at

The Player tab allows for the use of customized players.

  • Player - It is recommended to use the BPCC-branded player that has been created however you can select any players you may have access to in the list.
  • Maximum Connections - You can set the maximum number of concurrent connections using this feature. NOTE: If you upload copyrighted content to Mediasite you must set the maximum connections to 1 in order to comply with copyright law. Failure to do so will result in account suspension and possible legal action.
  • Use Q&A Forum - Checking the box allows viewers to ask questions while watching the presentation. The question will be emailed to you for an answer.
  • Enable Presentation Sharing - Should only be used if your presentation can be viewed by anyone.
  • Favor Smooth Streaming Playback When Available - Leave this box unchecked. Presentations recorded with Mediasite Desktop Recorder will not provide smooth stream capability.
  • Polls - Not currently setup. If you need this feature please contact us at

The remainder of the settings on this tab can only be adjusted by an Administrator.

The Delivery tab has options that determine how the presentation can be accessed by the user.

  • Audio Transcriptions - Provides an option for automated captioning of presentations. This feature will be fully functional soon.
  • Podcast - Provides the option to download a mp3 audio file to the viewer for offline playback.
  • Video Podcast (composite) - Provides the option to download a composited mp4 video file to the viewer for offline playback.
  • Publish To Go - Provides the option to download a zip file to the viewer for full featured, offline Mediasite playback.
  • Thumbnail - Upload a custom thumbnail image if desired.

The Actions tab shows you a list of any current actions scheduled for the presentation. To schedule a new action:

  1. Click Schedule new Action button.
  2. Choose the date to take the action.
    • Relative to Upload Date - Executes the action based on the Years, Months, Weeks, and/or Days chosen.
    • On Exact Date - Executes the action on the scheduled date.
  3. Choose what action to take from the Action Type drop-down menu.
    • Change Visibility - Allows you to change the visibility using the New Visibility drop-down menu.
    • Move to Recycle Bin - Moves the presentation to the Recycle Bin for deletion by the system.
  4. Click Save to commit the changes.

The Security tab is controlled at the system level although you can add additional individuals or groups to the presentation. For assistance please contact us at

From the Publish tab you have the ability to move presentations to any Shared Folders to which you have access or a Channel you have created.

  1. Choose the desired option.
  2. Select the folder or channel from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click Save to commit the change.

The Analytics tab is discussed in more detail on the Presentation Analytics in Mediasite tutorial.




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