Accessing My Mediasite and Desktop Recorder

In order to access Mediasite, faculty need to enable the tool in one of their Canvas courses. To do so:

  1. Open a course.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click the Navigation tab.
  4. Locate My Mediasite.
  5. To enable the tool, click the gear button and choose Enable.
  6. Scroll down the page and click Save.

RECOMMENDATION: If you plan to use Mediasite in each of your classes it is recommended to enable the My Mediasite tool in each of your classes. This is a setting that will copy from semester-to-semester when you copy your course so you will only need to enable it once in each class.

Now that the tool is enabled, click the My Mediasite link in your course navigation menu. This will take you to the My Mediasite dashboard. (Note: If this is your first time accessing My Mediasite you will need to setup your account using your BPCC-issued email address and click the validation link in the account confirmation email from Mediasite before you can proceed.)

Welcome to My Mediasite

To download and install the Desktop Recorder:

  1. Click the Download the Desktop Recorder button at the bottom of the left-side navigation column.
  2. Follow the on-screen directions for downloading and installing the Desktop Recorder. (Note: If you are using an on-campus computer or BPCC laptop, you will need Computer Service to assist with the installation process. You can request assistance at the Service Desk.)Will open new browser window or tab
  3. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the Desktop Recorder return to the download/installation instruction screen.Will open new browser window or tab
  4. Click the Register Mediasite Desktop Recorder button. (Note: You may have to allow your browser to launch the application.)
  5. Confirm your LoLA username appears in the top-left corner of the Desktop Recorder interface.

Lights, Camera, Action

To start capturing:

  1. Start Mediasite Desktop Recorder.
  2. Click the Record option.
  3. Provide a Presentation Name.
  4. Choose a capture format from the 4 options:
    • Screencast + Video (Computer screen and webcam)
    • Screencast + Audio (Computer screen and audio device)
    • Slideshow + Video (Still image of computer screen and webcam)
    • Slideshow + Audio (Still image of computer screen and audio device)
  5. Click Next.
  6. Choose the desired devices from the Camera Input and Microphone Input dropdown menus. (Camera Size should not exceed the Medium size to maximize computer resources.)
  7. Click Next.
  8. Identify the Desktop, Window, or Region you would like to capture using the appropriate dropdown menu.
  9. Click the Green Check Mark button to confirm your selection.
  10. Click Record to start the 5-second countdown and begin recording.
  11. To stop recording use the Ctrl+F8 keyboard shortcut.
  12. Choose to Discard, Resume, or Finish recording.
    • Discard will delete the recording.
    • Resume will pick up where you stopped.
    • Finish will publish the presentation to the server.

If you click Finish the Presentation Management screen will appear and show you the upload progress. Once the presentation is uploaded you can return to the My Mediasite dashboard in your Canvas course to manage your presentations.




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