What is Open Campus™?

Open Campus

Free Online Non-credit Courses

  • Prepare for Placement Testing
  • Study/Practice
  • Brush-up Professional Skills

Open Campus™ courses are free, no-strings-attached, online, non-credit developmental courses/tutorials, and anyone can sign up.

Courses are set up in “module” form so that you can target your weaknesses by watching lecture videos and taking quizzes as many times as you wish. Quizzes are graded immediately, so there is no lag-time for you to discover your scores.

You’ll find the same, basic information in Open Campus™ courses/refreshers as in “for-credit” offerings with these exceptions:

  • no textbooks are used, and
  • courses are self-contained with no direct interaction between instructors/students.

Open Campus™ courses are designed, videoed and taught by BPCC’s fully-accredited developmental English, math, and reading faculty.


Open Campus™ courses are non-credit reviews and tutorials and cannot be used to satisfy requirements in any curriculum at Bossier Parish Community College.