Certification for Manufacturing

C4M: Certification for Manufacturing - LED FastStartThe Current Landscape

  • Thousands of jobs available in Louisiana.
  • Employers unable to find qualified, skilled applicants.
  • Longer vacancies correlate to higher-skilled, better-paying jobs.

The Plan

  • Structure technical programs as sets of stackable credentials.
  • Programs will have multiple points of entry.
  • Programs will have multiple opportunities to return to the educational system.
  • Students will receive initial certification in cluster skills, like Manufacturing.
  • Students can take advanced courses to become more highly specialized or more versatile.
  • Certifications will be approved as Industry Based Certifications (IBCs).
  • Certifications bear college credit and stack to CTS, TD, AAS/AS and beyond.

FastStart C4MWhat is C4M?

  • C4M is a certificate program that is equivalent to 12 college credit hours.
  • The certificate program consists of four courses that can be completed in one semester.
  • This program incorporates 180 contact hours of class and laboratory work.
  • Extensive additional independent study time is done on the iPad using PowerPoint and iBooks.

Why is the C4M program important?

  • Business and industries across the state had a great need for entry level employees with basic general manufacturing knowledge and skills.
  • When all the information from these companies were put together regarding their needs the C4M curriculum was developed to meet those basic needs.
  • C4M was also developed to introduce individuals to other possible areas of interest after they finished C4M such as welding, process technology and machining.
  • Where the next step after C4M would be another stackable certificate program of 12 credit hours in one of these areas or another area depending on the need of our state.