Anatomy Resources

Updated May 22, 2008

Model Types

Ascomycetes Poster
Bacteria Poster
Basidiomycetes Poster
Blood Cells Poster
Blood Typing Poster
Bone Tissue Poster
Bone Structure
Brain Stem
Brains (Plastic)
Brains (Rubber)
Cervical Vertebrae
Circulatory System Hard Panel
Circulatory System Panel
Color Coded Skull
Connective Tissue Poster
Digestive System Hard Panel
Digestive System Panel
Ear Model
Ear Panel
Endocrine System
Endocrine System Plaque
Eosinophil on stand
Erythrocyte Red Blood Cell on stand
Eye in Orbit
Eye on Stand
Eye Model
Eye Panel
Female/Male Repro. & Circulatory Plaque
Female Reproductive System Panel
Fetal Skull
Half a Head
Heart on Stand
Human Mini Torso
Kidney/Nephron Loop Plaque (Science Dept.)
Kidney On Stand
Kidney Plaques
Large Lymphocyte On Stand
Liver Model
Lung Model (On Plaque)
Lung Set
Male Reproductive System Panel
Monocyte on stand
Motor Neuron
Motor Neuron
Muscle Man
Muscle Tissue Poster
Nephron Loop Panel
Nervous System Panel
Neutrophil On Stand
Nose Model
Oral Saggital Face
Platelet On Stand
Platelets On Stand
Pond I Poster (Science Dept.)
Pond III Poster (Science Dept.)
Red/White Blood Cell Plaque
Respiratory System Panel
Respiratory System Poster
Saggital Head
Skeletons Disarticulated (Box of Bones)
Skeleton on Stand
Skin Panel
Small Lymphocyte On Stand
Somatic/Visceral Spinal cord Model
Spinal Cord
Synovial Joint of Left Knee
Teeth Panel
Urinary System Model
Ventricle Model
Ventricular System of the Human Brain
White Skull
Zygomycetes Poster