Contacting VA Regional Office in Muskogee, OK - Education Benefits

Necessary information when you call:

  • Your VA file number or Social Security number
  • Name of veteran if other than yourself

Toll-free number to the VA Regional Office in Muskogee, OK:
1-888-442-4551, 1

  • Press 0 – to talk to a VA Representative
  • Press 1- for information on your MGIB Active Duty or Selective Reserve/ARNG Benefits
    • Press 1 – for the amount of your last payment and the date it was processed
    • Press 3 - for the date of your last certification of enrollment
    • Press 4 - for general information on your last education award
  • Press 2 – for general information on other education benefits
  • Press 3 – to find out how to apply for benefits or where to send your application

For future reference or follow-up, it is important to note of the name of the person you speak with at the VA Regional Office.

Be sure to state the problem as clearly and as briefly as possible, giving all pertinent dates and amounts involved. At your request, an Inquiry@ to resolve your problem or answer your question can be done by the Regional Office. They will then contact you directly with an answer in about 7-10 working days.

If you are arranging for Direct Deposit of your GI Bill check, you will need to call 1-877-838-2778 and provide the VA with:

  • The name of your financial institution
  • Your bank's 9- digit routing number
  • Your account number open new browser window or tab - "Ask a Question" - secure website to ask VA a question. You need to have an email address.